Aerial Photography

The Cessna 208, the toughest, most versatile most reliable most capable medium weight aircraft ever built. Powered by a new generation of ultra reliable 675 hp gas turbine engine manufactured by Pratt and Whitney that makes this aircraft at least as twice as safe as twin engine piston aircraft. For the technically minded there is more redundancy in the 208’s systems than in many of the twin engine aircraft it replaces. Two electrical power sources, standby electrical systems for the flaps, a secondary fuel control system, and duplicated flight instruments that are powered separately either by air vacuum or DC electric power.

Having such a versatile aircraft has meant we have been able to be used for many different filming events.

Sport filming

Since 2010 we have been contracted to film the major UK golf events. We are certified to carry an aerial camera on a boom from the cargo door. There is an auxiliary 30 amp 28.5 volt supply and an aerial mount for microwave down link. The advantages of the fixed wing platform we can offer is they are very stable and much quieter and have a significantly greater endurance. They also offer more space for operatives and equipment, can carry more payload with significantly less cost for positioning and operating.

Air to air filming

We are a registered SPO (Special operations) which means we are licenced to carry out news media flights, television and movie flights and aerial photography flights. The aircraft has been used for various air to air photo shoots including the last flying Vulcan, D-day Dakotas and Douglas DC’s. Our pilot is an extremely experienced Cessna caravan pilot and has been flying in many challenging conditions. Please contact us with any of your requirements.

Media, films and television

Our aircraft has appeared in a variety of films and TV, including a recent Jurassic Park film. Please call us with your requirements as we are able to accommodate most requests.

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